COR Certified
Along With Being COR Certified, - Staff Training Includes:  


■ Prime Contractor

■ AB OHS Legislation

■ Fall Protection​

Licensed, Bonded & Insured
Years of Experience 
 (780) 447-1700

Safety Culture

Creating a safe and healthy work environment is our most central priority. Managing these values promotes a constructive and cooperative culture with a goal of zero incidents.

We are committed to providing employees with training, equipment, and best practices to eliminate hazards and dangerous conditions. A safety program is more than just a safety manual; it requires ongoing commitment to work in the safest, most efficient, and productive manner possible.

Our Safety Program requires effort and teamwork – qualities that reflect the strongest asset we have, our people.

■ Supervisor Training

■ LSE 

■ Confined Space


■ First Aid


■ Auditor Training